Let perfection chase you!

Golf has been one of the go to relaxation activities for my friends these days and it’s quite an interesting experience hitting the driving range with the guys…

There are guys that approach their swing with a lot of science while others really are just trying to hit the ball as hard as they can. Ultimately, it’s a fun thing to do. You get to see a lot of greens, catch some sun and break a sweat while just talking about life in general…

Where am I going? — You see if I wait for the perfect swing before I play then I might as well not play at all… I remember watching the movie “tin cup” and I heard the lead actor saying “grip it and rip it” as his golf advice. It may not be the best mantra if you are a golf professional and competing at a national open but it certainly hits me when it comes to life advice… sometimes you just got to rip it and see where it takes you!

I see people stopping midway pausing because they felt their swing wasn’t ready. Then there are the ones that don’t stop but see the hesitation in their faces leading to otherworldly trajectories

Perfection is great don’t let it prevent you from reaching out and pursuing the things you want to do. Nobody started out perfect and that should include you.

Every endeavor has consequences — even a single tweet can have enormous risks for certain individuals… The key is to manage your risks and expectations — Sometimes good is perfect for that particular situation or moment.

So, do not ever wait for Perfection — the perfect person, the perfect moment, the perfect swing. You got to go ahead and let perfection chase you.

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