Let perfection chase you!

Golf has been one of the go to relaxation activities for my friends these days and it’s quite an interesting experience hitting the driving range with the guys…

There are guys that approach their swing with a lot of science while others really are just trying to hit the ball as hard as they can. Ultimately, it’s a fun thing to do. You get to see a lot of greens, catch some sun and break a sweat while just talking about life in general…

Where am I going? — You see if I wait for the perfect swing before I play then I might as well not play at all… I remember watching the movie “tin cup” and I heard the lead actor saying “grip it and rip it” as his golf advice. It may not be the best mantra if you are a golf professional and competing at a national open but it certainly hits me when it comes to life advice… sometimes you just got to rip it and see where it takes you!

I see people stopping midway pausing because they felt their swing wasn’t ready. Then there are the ones that don’t stop but see the hesitation in their faces leading to otherworldly trajectories

Perfection is great don’t let it prevent you from reaching out and pursuing the things you want to do. Nobody started out perfect and that should include you.

Every endeavor has consequences — even a single tweet can have enormous risks for certain individuals… The key is to manage your risks and expectations — Sometimes good is perfect for that particular situation or moment.

So, do not ever wait for Perfection — the perfect person, the perfect moment, the perfect swing. You got to go ahead and let perfection chase you.

The Power of Goal Setting

Hey! Thank you for reading this post… I just want to write a quick note about  “Goal Setting” and how powerful it can be…

IT TAKES MANY FORMS — I’m sure you have heard about setting your personal vision… about beginning with the end in mind… about having direction… That sort of stuff. It can be your dailty to dos… Your weekly checklist… Your monthly tasks… Your annual target… Your milestone… You get what I mean.

Basically you just need to have something to aim for. It’s kinda simple but complicated at the same time… but the bottomline is that you need to set your sights on something. Whether it’s long or short term or NOW… you need to have that something lined up on your cross-hairs to hit or to target.

Let’s try to break it down…

First it should be EASILY UNDERSTOOD — What do I mean by that? That means you can clearly visualize or explain to others the results you are looking for (yes there should be results).

That means this should be MEASURABLE. Whether it’s dollars or kilos there has to be a clear measure of value attached to your goal.

Don’t kid yourself — Do not put something so easy to achieve just to make yourself feel good… It has to be CHALLENGING. The goal has to stretch you further… and inspire you at the same time.

To be inspired means the goal has to be very MEANINGFUL and IMPACTFUL to you… something that you will cherish and be proud of… perhaps something that will change your life…

Give yourself a deadline… It should be TIME-BOUND. Yes, it can be moved but… come on… If it really means a lot to you then this is something you should not be be putting off. Set a realistic timeline for yourself and go all in.

Goal setting is a key step towards achievement. Our ability to stay focused on goals will spell the difference between failure and success.

Cheers to a new week!



Cheers to your dreams!

I remember the very first time that I attended a self-development workshop… the speaker spoke about finding your personal mission and defining the vision for yourself particularly for your career.

He asked us to write down how we see ourselves in the future so I thought about it really hard… I was just starting out at that time and has barely began working. Career-wise I believed that my path was to move up the ladder, maybe become an associate, then an executive, be a department manager and eventually the head of my own department or unit, perhaps a director for whichever company  I will be with at that time…

So I wrote down “Marketing Director at 40!” I was both excited  and fearful… I liked the thought in some ways and deep inside of me there was a belief that it is possible…or at the very least not impossible! I was also anxious thinking about the things I would need to do and learn… all the things that need to go right and all the milestones in between.

Fast forward to the future —- after a lot of luck and blessings from up above I had the opportunity to become Head of Marketing for my new organization. I was 38 at that time and I felt quite a degree of accomplishment in my heart. I made it! —  in a sense… the goal was met and the vision was realized…

But once the celebration was over… and as I went back to the daily grind —  I found myself pondering and asking “What do I do now?”

Three years from that moment I now find myself writing this blog… and embarking on a transformational journey to share the knowledge, skills and experience I have gained through the years.

Join me on this path as we learn to navigate the digital future that is in store for all of us… I have created “The Inspiring Leader” as a symbol of day to day leadership of day to day individuals like us. Individuals that dare to dream and live it.

Cheers to your dreams!




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